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Complete Full-Body Workout Plan That Targets All Parts of Your Body

Best Full-Body Workout Plan

Full body workouts are great for both muscle gain and fat loss. Full body workouts has a simple schedule and requires no more than 3-4 days a week, you can complete your workouts within 40-60 minutes. Most of the exercises in a full-body-workout routines are compound movements. They targets all your muscle groups, which results in fat loss and muscle gain. Via thehust

Oblique Workout With 10 Exercises for a Flat Stomach

Oblique Workout With 10 Exercises for a Flat Stomach

While we love a good ab workout, a killer core isn’t just about a flat stomach. This also means paying attention to your sides, or, more specifically, your obliques. Strong obliques will make your waist appear slimmer, improve your posture, support your lower back, and make your clothes fit even better. And crunches won’t do you any favours here! Plus, cut outs and crop tops are still holding strong in the fashion world and they’re perfect for showing off chiselled obliques. Get ready to sweat! Via  gymguider